Wine by the glass dispenser

This wine by the glass solution lets you preserve your open bottles without spoiling their organoleptic properties. With two distinct and independently adjustable temperature compartments, the VoV3e keeps wines at the right serving temperature, ready to be served by the glass at any time!


2 temperature zones to meet all your requirements

Independent compartments that can be set from 6 to 20°C for bringing your wine to the ideal serving temperature: 4 reds / 4 whites or 8 whites or 8 reds. Each compartment can store 4 extra bottles at an ideal serving temperature. Temperatures are displayed, allowing you more control over your wine.

Displaying your fine wine

A modern, understated design (full glass door, cabinet body in stainless steel) which will display your bottles to their best advantage and fit in perfectly in any interior. LED amber lighting to attract attention to the bottles and enhance their appearance.

3 adjustable measures per bottle

Less waste and more flexibility: this function allows you to set the measures according to your requirements (tasting, half glass or whole glass), and in this way completely control your wine output.


Thanks to the nitrogen preservation system, your wine is protected from all oxidation risks for up to 3 weeks after opening.

The understated and modern design will enhance your bottles while perfectly integrating into every environment.

vov diagram
  1. Pressure gauge
  2. Timed solenoid valve
  3. Regulator
  4. Regulation meter
vov glass


Technicial features

Service/Storage Capacity
All round dimensions* 
Drip tray overhang
Tap/Drip tray distance 
Cooling agent
Power consumption
Room temperature
8 bottles /
 8 bottles**
 H890 x L860
x P430 mm
without CFC
 20°C min
30°C max

* including drip tray overhang. ** or 6 Magnum bottles for serving