Fully customisable wine cabinets

The 6000 Series is our latest generation in wine cabinets. It combines cutting-edge technology, clever design and respect for the environment. It responds to all of your professional needs whether for preservation or service.
1 temperature: adjustable from 5 to 20°C, it can be dedicated to preserving your bottles or setting the serving temperature for a certain type of wine.
2 temperatures: 2 distinct temperature areas to efficiently store all of your wines at serving temperature (5 to 11°C for the cooling area and 15 to 20°C for the holding temperature area).
Multi-temperature: 10°C temperature graduation (adjustable between 5 and 22°C) to ensure the perfect serving temperature for all of your wines, no matter their region, colour, or other criteria.
By combining several wine cabinets, you can precisely manage the serving temperature for your full wine list. Placed side by side, your cabinets will also show off your wines. Discover our options for doors, lighting and shelving to stylise your cabinets!

General Features

Model: 6170D
Colour: Nero Black
1825h x 680w x 690d
Door: Solid / Black Frame Glass / Full Glass door
Capacity*: 60 bottles (upper) / 110 bottles (lower)
Voltage: 220-240VAC 50Hz/1
Cord: UK

Technical Features

Electronic regulation
Temperature setting range from 5 to 11°C (Upper); 15 to 20°C (Lower)
Electronic inner display and settings - digital screen
Temperature visualisation
Vistal alarms in case of disfunctioning (open door, sensor fault, temperature alarm & charcoal filter)
Automatic defrost

Equipments & Accessories

LED screen with touch buttons
Top inner lighting (3 options: permanent, open door, disabled)
Lock w/2 keys
Charcoal filter
User manual

Hot/Cold/Insulation Technologies

Automatic defrosting: Yes
Cold production: Compressor R600a
Warm air production: Heater
Internal walls: Stucco aluminium sheet
Exterior material: HDF (High Density Fibre) melamine-faced panels
Insulation type: Polyurethanschaum (PU) - 59mm

Energy Efficiency and Consumption

Consumption (kWh/year)**:
128 (solid door)
165 (glass door)
Useful volume (L): 430
Acoustic emissions (db): 37


  1. Safety - Directive 2006/95/CE
    Standards  EN60335-1: Version 5 - 2010+A1+A2+A11+A12+A13
  2. EMC - Directive 2004/108/CE
    Standard   EN55014-1/2
  3. Environment - Directive 2010/30/EU
    Regulation   1060/2010

* Traditional Bordeaux bottles
** Calculation based on the result obtained over 24 hours in stand conditions (25°C / 77°F)

Green A



Charcoal Filter

charcoal filter